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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SAKURA flower season in Japan!!


Japan is SAKURA flower season.

I went to Kyoto!!!!!
by English Bus Tour.

many many enjoying. sakura are very beautiful.
There are many worldwide traveler!!

in Bus, Bus guide tolked Japanese history and culture.

everyone are shot the picture Japanese castle in Bus.


very very enjoying!!

but very tired..... english.

english is very difficult.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Japanese kimono and catalog?


Japan is pm2:26 now.
a bit sleep~~
but, I must woooork.

Today, I am making how to wear kimono catalog.

Open Japanese kimono auction and Japanese kimono kimonoan.
Please check.

It is fine!! and warm weather. look like spring.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gorgeous Kimono, Houmongi


Houmongi is created as “visiting dress” in the Meiji period. It has not been so long though we always think kimono is traditional stuff, don’t you think?
I recommend having Houmongi for your first kimono, as you would wear it for various occasion like wedding celemony, party or tea celemony, etc.
Go to the party with Houmongi, you can make a splash!
Choose one you really love, and try to wear it to make you special!
Tips for coordinates are: choose one with designs covered whole part for young ladies, and smaller designs or simple plain color for elderly women.

It’s cloudy in Osaka today. Temperature is 15 ℃.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some advice for buy traditional Japanese kimono


Today is some adviec!! to buy japanese kimono.

* Check the size of Kimono
You can adjust it when you put it on, but to choose more suitable one is
easier and much more comfortable to wear.
Please check up kimono size, showing how to measure for Kimono.

* What do you need to put on Kimono at least?
Obi, Obijime(Obi band) Nagajuban, Hadajuban, Tabi, a few Koshi-himo (cord), Date-jime(waist band), Kimono Sandal, Geta or Zouri
You can buy these at Kimono an!

It is sunny weather, 13 ℃ today in Osaka.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beautiful women with Gorgeous Furisode kimono everywhere in town ~ Coming of Age Day


New Year’s Holidays are over, and there were celebration for Coming of age day on January 8th. This is cerebrations for becoming adult, twenty years old in Japan.
Girls( or ladies would be appropriate!) wear Furisode kimono, Japanese traditional kimono for unmarried women. Men used to wear Japanese traditional kimono, too, but wearing European style of suit are much common these days. It’s a pity that you could see only a few people wearing Haori-Hakama (traditional formal cloth for men)
I mentioned in my web site that why Furisode has long sleeves.
Kimono with long sleeves looks wonderfully beautiful and elegant.
It is said that sleeves became longer in the Edo period and swinging long sleeves for appealing her to attract man. Love is here and there always, even the way of showing one’s heart is different.

Today, It's rain... in Osaka in Japan. buuuu~~~~


Monday, January 15, 2007

traditional Japanese kimono "Susoyoke"

Today is about traditional Japanese kimono "Susoyoke".

Susoyoke is one of kimono underwear as well as Naga-juban, but it’s more like petticoat for Kimono, wrapping around waist. This is created in Edo period (1603-1867 ) for protecting from dirt. It is also called Keridashi. There is one connected with Hadajuban(top undercloth) and Susoyoke.

We sell susoyoke on our website kimonoan.
Susoyoke M size
Susoyoke L size

It is cloudy, 10 ℃ today in Osaka (near Kyoto) in Japan. It’s not too cold.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

End of the year in Japan!!


Today is very cold in Osaka in Japan!!
Its snow a little. come to ture winter.

The christmas is end, everyone are preparation of New year in Japan.
The many company are New year Holiday from today.

I am going to Hatsumoude. 1 Jan 2007.

Yoshihiro Suzuki